Tamau Italia has a modern and well-stocked metallurgical and metrological laboratory. All goods are checked before storage and sent to customers with regular certificates of conformity.

3D CMM Machine

High precision coordinate measuring machine (CMM) for 3D dimensional measurement

Portable XRF quantometer

The portable XFR quantometer is able to detect the composition of the analyzed metal alloy with high precision.

Hardness tester

During the test, known pressure is exerted on a material by means of an indenter, to subsequently measure the diameter of the impression left by it and from this derive the value of the hardness.

2D CMM Machine

High precision manual machine for dimensional measurement.

Corrosion test chamber

It is a machine that tests the resistance of the object to corrosion, simulating a marine environment with high salt concentration.

GALLERY metrological and metallurgical laboratory